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Rep rugby coach bullying my son

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Rep rugby coach bullying my son


Rep rugby coach bullying my son

Hi long story short one of the assistant coaches for my sons team is his old rugby coach. We left his team years ago and so did most of the team due to his treatment of the kids swearing bullying etc. He is know the assistant coach of my sons rep team. He takes the fords which my son is in. In the four games my Son has played first game one half. Was made reserve for the seoncd game. (Water boy for the third and made to wear water boy top) he has no been told he won't be playing for the final, he has gone to every training apart when he missed one for,the flu. My son is not the best player Inthe team but he is certainly not the worst. Any advice the assistant coach who,is bullying my son is friends with the head coach and they take the high school team together. The assistant to coach the bully seems to be taking over this team and taking most trainingsand the prober coach seems to be letting him bully him around too. The bully's son  is in the team and only in as his father is coaching!! He missed both tracings due to flu, my son only missed one yet,his son got a game, and mine got water,boy.  If I ask why and get no where do I complain to the rugby union or will this hurt his chances next year to get in the team again. (He proberly won't want to all that work and trading for half a game!!, Does it sound like he's picking on him and do,you,think I have grounds to complain. All the other boys get half games at least and at no time was my son told he was reserve he was told he was in the team. Would appreciate any help advice. Ohh his,old coach is a bully and had numerous complaints made over him .



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Re: Rep rugby coach bullying my son

Hi @SallyS and welcome to the ReachOut Parents Community Smiley Happy


Thank you for reaching out to us, I can imagine it must be so hard to watch your son be treated unfairly Heart You've mentioned some concerning behaviours by the old coach/current assistant coach, and it sounds like this has been an ongoing issue for the club.


If you are concerned about your son, we would encourage you to have a look at the club's policies around bullying behaviour and complaints procedures, so you have all your bases covered. Bullying can be really damaging to young people, is this something that is also happening to other young people? Have you spoken to the club about this before? 


How is your son feeling about the situation? 


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