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Self harm and stealing

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Self harm and stealing

My daughter is 10 and has recently started self harming. She's seeing a psychologist and we're supporting her as best we can as a family. Recently she was caught stealing money from the wallet of a family friend, as a consequence she's been grounded from all technology including the TV and has to read books or draw in her room but she's telling me that the grounding is making her want to self-harm. How do I discipline her without triggering her?

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Re: Self harm and stealing

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Dear @LIPTON ,

It sounds like an incredibly difficult place to be in. We hear that you know there needs to be consequences for stealing, yet your daughter has mentioned that she feels like self-harming due to the grounding. We read that there are some strong emotions in this.

As ReachOut Parent Forums are for parents and families of teenagers, it is outside our scope to provide advice for 10 year olds. If you are interested, you may want to have a look at this factsheet about self-harm, however, please note it is targeted at teenagers.

Parentline may also be helpful.

Are there any supports in place for your daughter at school? Or has your child been referred to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services?

Please know you are not alone.