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Should I be happy with my childs grades

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Should I be happy with my childs grades

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Should I be happy with my childs grades

My daughter is in year 8 this year and when she has a test in some of her subjects she sometimes gets 60% - 65% correct (in Math she will get around 52%) which tells me she just passed the test. She is soooo happy with her results and can't wait to tell me but to me that is a poor grade. After she tells me how 'good' she did in the test, their is usually an argument because she can see my frustration that she didn't do better. She doesn't study for test so I get frustrated because she could get pretty good grades if she study but she's too lazy. She is an average student academically so Im not expecting A's. Do you think I should just be happy and follow her lead or do you think Im right to be upset.

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Re: Should I be happy with my childs grades

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Hi @OzzieMum , 


That's a tough one! As a first step, I'd probably suggest chatting to her teachers- I've found that different teachers can have very different expectations about what grades are considered 'good', and they also may be able to give you some indication about how she's performing in relation to the rest of her class. Have you had much feedback from her teachers about how she is going? 


I can completely understand you feeling frustrated if she doesn't seem to be doing enough study at home, do you think it's a matter of not wanting to do the work, or could it be that she doesn't have the study skills she needs? Some kids can really struggle with executive function type skills, like time management, knowing how to get started on tasks, and breaking down big projects into smaller tasks. Or some kids get really anxious about school work and tests, and end up avoiding study even though they may want to do well. If you think she'd be interested in learning a bit more about this, we do have some great study tips sections on our website that you can check out here.


Keep us posted with how you get on!