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Sons tv usage

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Sons tv usage

Hi there well my 15 year old son had a tv in his room and had been told that if he doesn’t turn it off at 8pm he will get it taken off him for 6 months which is what has happened. I think this is completely fair do you ? Thx xx
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Re: Sons tv usage

Hi @Kerry36, I think if you are completely happy with your parenting decision then that's all you need to ask. I think we all have varying ways of parenting and have to back ourselves.


Others may agree or disagree with our choices, but things like this are completely personal parenting choices. Once you've made your choice the main thing is following through which you've done, so it's set the boundary which is what you want. 

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Re: Sons tv usage

Hi @Kerry36 - echoing @taokat's reply above, this is totally your parenting decision to make, and being consistent and clear with what you expect from your son is the fair thing to do. 


I can understand it must be difficult to be confident in the decisions you make, when every parent does things differently, (and you possibly get some negative feedback on these decisions from your son? . Smiley Wink)


But it sounds like you were clear with your rule/ boundary, and followed through as agreed! 

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Re: Sons tv usage

Absolutely I always follow through what I say 🙂 and ye he does but I just tell him well if you had done what you where told you would still have it wouldn’t you haha xx
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Re: Sons tv usage

Yes, I do. Every time you give your child a consequence you have to follow through. Your son will learn a good life lesson from the experience. At his age it won’t be long before he is working and being of an age where he will solely responsible for the choices he makes. In his work life etc he won’t always be given a second chance. In my experience not backing down and giving him the tv back before the 6 months is up will be the hardest part of it all. In similar situations I have had to keep my mind focused on one thing … it’s my job to prepare my children for when they leave home so they have the skills they need. Our kids are now almost 40, 38, 28, 23 and 22 (my niece has just turned 15 and she lives with us as well) and now they tell us there were times when they wish we had been tougher with them … go figure!

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