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Special Discussion: Sleep Awareness Week

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Special Discussion: Sleep Awareness Week


Special Discussion: Sleep Awareness Week

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It’s Sleep Awareness Week! 


Every year the Sleep Health Foundation dedicate a week to raise awareness around the importance of good sleep. At ReachOut we recognise that having a healthy sleep routine is often an important aspect of maintaining good mental health. If you'd like to read on about how to get a good nights sleep you can do so here


A few weeks ago we asked our Youth forums if they had any tips for improving sleep hygiene


Here’s a little look at some of the responses we received… 


Sleep Awareness Week.PNG


We'd like to hear from you all on this topic! 


What are some good sleep habits you can practise with your teen? 


What sleep hygiene tips have worked for you?


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Re: Special Discussion: Sleep Awareness Week

Hi all

My teens were responsible for getting themselves up for school each weekday.

I reminded them that if they wanted to stay past set bedtime it was on them.

I would regularly with great glee explain if they did not make it to school I would go to their classes to take notes - in my pyjamas

Saddly I never got to go
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Re: Special Discussion: Sleep Awareness Week

@PapaBill what a great plan I am sure that really motivated the kids to get to bed on time Smiley Happy