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Step parenting

Hello, I'm here to seek advice. I year ago I was pregnant and moved in with partner and his 3 kids. Before this I've always lived on own. We have kids 50 percent of week. How do I stop feeling anxious when the kids are over?
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Why do you feel anxious?

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Hi there @Natalie and welcome to ReachOut! Smiley Happy


It can be difficult to adjust to living with others, especially children, when you've been living on your own. Have you spoken to your partner about these anxious feelings? They may be able to offer you some advice or help you through when the kids stay over, what do you think? 


Anxiety can be a tough feeling to deal with, especially when it keeps happening regularly. Parentsline is a great resource helpline for parents, is contacting them something you might be interested in? 


I'm also going to tag in some of our fabulous members for their excellent support, @JAKGR8@sunflowermom@Faob_1@Moloko@WhaeaM@compassion@Orbit64 

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Hi there @Natalie ,
Anxiety is a tough one, I can speak through experience.
How old are all of the children and can you explain a bit more about how you are feeling?