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Technology Addiction

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Technology Addiction

@Panda over in the new users thread mentioned that her son seems addicted to his laptop, and reacts angrily when approached about it.


I'd love to know if anyone has any experience with this, or any advice that they can share

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Re: Technology Addiction

I was an addicted child and that was over 10 years ago when you had to work at addiciton, it must be hard for children these days with so much tech.


For me I found that the games I played were mentally stimulating (something my limited rural school wasn't) and it was easier to be social online than at school as it reduced anxieties around social situations. 


@Panda what does your son use the laptop for - is he chatting with friends, gaming etc? There may be no underlying thing he might just love playing games or chatting online but I'd try to talk to him about what he does on his computer and why - it could really help to understand the addiction. Bearing in mind I spent Sunday night being told off by my elderly mother about my overuse of my mobile phone at the dinner table so some things just never change I suppose!

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Re: Technology Addiction

my son started high school this year, and they had to have their own laptop, so reluctantly we had to purchase one for him and his twin.  None of my children have phones, as that is another thing that they would have a problem with, as I feel they do not need them, and several of their friends parents also feel the same way.
They can call me anytime from school if they need to contact me

He just watches utube mainly, does not have any social media accounts, but unless I take his computer away from him he will sit watching some of these shows for hours.

I have tried to block u-tube with our ISP, but sometimes some channels are helpful to other members in the househole.  Blocking the internet makes it difficult for the other kids to do their homework as some of the things they need online access to.

When I do take away his computer he gets angry and says he hates us etc, and its an awefull feeling when your child says that to you Smiley Sad

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Re: Technology Addiction

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@Panda technology and screen time is definitely something that we all think about as parents, so you're not alone in this one. There's quite a few tips and ideas for helping your teen balance technology on the main parents site, which might give you some things to try with your son.


@Mitzi@tenacious_dad@readthemanual how do you help your kids balance technology with time away from the screen? 


Re: Technology Addiction

I'm on the dark side ... I work with digital technology and have made sure my son could use both Mac and PC from an early age. Because this is the age of technology; our children need to develop these skills for life, work, social connection and entertainment.


@Panda when you say you take the computer away from your son, what reason do you give him? If it's something like "I'd like you to help me get dinner prepared" or "come on family - let's go for a walk!" then I'd imagine he's less likely to be angry at you than if you just take it away because you're fearful that he's "wasting" time.


I think Youtube provides laughs, information and visual storytelling. How is that any different than a kid reading a comic?


It's better to set up ground rules around screen access time so your son knows, for example, on school nights he gets one hour before dinner and one hour after (or whatever you negotiate).



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Re: Technology Addiction

Hey @Panda, how are things going with your son's technology use?

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