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Teenager rudeness

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Teenager rudeness

Hi, I’m looking to share ideas and feelings about our teenager is constantly rude to us, swearing at us, mean to his siblings, refusing to do stuff we ask him to do. It’s bedn going on a long time and I’m feeling exhausted.
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Re: Teenager rudeness

It’s just emotionally draining isn’t it?  It’s ok to be overwhelmed by his behaviour.


Just a couple of questions. 

- how old is he? 

- and what is the birth order?

- is there anything that has happened recently?


Boys can be so aggressive and angry. I hope it doesn’t last long. Sending hugs. 

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Re: Teenager rudeness

Hi @Lexxy 


Welcome to RO and thank you for reaching out to us here. I'll tag a few members for you @sylvia @Boyblue @JAKGR8 @sunflowermom @Faob_1 to help with some ideas for you. In the meantime we have lot of articles and discussion threads you can take a look at Smiley Happy 

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Re: Teenager rudeness


I understand felling totally overwhelmed when your teen is being rude.  I have seen it turn a perfectly good day or moment upside down.  I have a daughter that has been on a rude spell for quite some time.  I get that some rudeness is regular teenage behavior.

I try really hard not to take it personal, and I have learned to control my own emotions when I am with her, I don't yell or cry or fight back not wanting  to escalate things.  Sometimes I will say- it seems like you are looking for a fight and then I just go quiet.  The worst is when she is rude to her little sister and says something hurtful.  I make her apologize to her little sister.  I tell her I am a big girl and I can take it If you say hurtful things to me- but don't bully your little sister- that's just plain wrong. 

I think it has gotten better over time.  The more they are in a good place the less they lash out.  But probably you have to draw some lines.  What is tolerable rude behavior and what is over the line.

Hang in there!

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Re: Teenager rudeness

Hi @Lexxy,

Just checking in to see how you are doing. Have you have a chance to look back over this thread? Have you been able to try some ways to address the rudeness?

We would love to hear back!

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