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The teen brain.

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The teen brain.

I read (well before children) that the teen brain is actually upside down when MRI's are done. Scientifically this is true. In the USA schools started doing trials of schooling at night for many reasons. This was in the early 90's.


It found that teens who attend school at night have higher grades, school attendance is extremely high and the teens are far more aware than during the day of their MH and doing the right thing.


Teens don't like mornings or day time this is when their brain tells them they must sleep. Remember the brain is upside down.


They learn better because they are awake at night - remember they all like to stay up all night.


They do not get into trouble because the malls are shut there is nowhere else for them to go.


They are aware and able to communicate better because they are all on the same page.


They are us in reverse. There are people who can stay up all night and teach and do. I have no idea how many schools are now involved. Perhaps one day I will get the time to read again..


Over the past few years I have tried and do remind parents that it's not because the teen wants to annoy you it's because neurologically that is their wiring until around 23.


Of course, this all makes complete sense and I try to let my teens stay awake on Fri/sat night and sleep in. It's hard for me but very beneficial for them.. Much like the endless growth spurts - I've given up on buying clothes well anything really except petrol to drive them everywhere, endless food and visits to counselling.


And I just have to tell you that we are finally getting fresh eggs again. A few of my girls are laying - we have had no eggs since Feb. Everyone had warm eggs for breaky and 2 cakes are in the oven. It makes for great communication with the girls and very few arguments as long as T2 gets the right egg from her preferred hen.



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Re: The teen brain.

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 Wow! What a great post @Lily17 !!


I think it's a good reminder to know that fundamentally adolescence have a different way to operating in the world and that having expectations that are out of alignment with what's natural for them is unrealistic. I've come across similar research too so I'm glad you've shared this!


Here is a great article that outlines research on the adolescent brain - including what you've said which is that their prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until age 25 (wow). The prefrontal cortex is responsible for things like making judgements with difficult life situations (be it socially or otherwise). So immature behaviour is normal!


I don't have an article to back up another interesting thing I came across BUT apparently emotional regulation in the limbic system is also not fully developed until the age of 32! (give or take 2 years) Explains a few things.....