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To the Mums of ReachOut

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To the Mums of ReachOut

Noticed a few new members have told us a lot about who they are through their usernames..


Welcome to new member @mum-of-boys, as well as @mumofboys! Two different mums who obviously care about their boys so much!


Hello too to @Hopefulmum and @mums_taxi - maybe Mum is hopeful that the taxi duties will not last a lifetime.


Then we have @MelbMumofTwo and @mumxthree... wondering if we have a Mum of 4 in the building??


@Stephs_Mum has contributed some great discussions and so has @ziggystarmum....


But the ones that really got my attention was @WornOutMum and @Worried_Mum - please do let us know what's on your mind. We're here to help...


So a VERY BIG giant group hug to all our Mums here - whether your username says it or not, we know you care so much. Please let us know what's going on in your world by replying to this post.

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Re: To the Mums of ReachOut

Busy, busy here our 2 primary schoolers have their school disco tonight!

My eldest is still struggling with depression, has had a couple of sessions with a lovely guy at HeadSpace, he broke up with his girlfriend of over a year a few weeks ago which has actually eased things somewhat for him Phew!

It's horrible, I would give anything to take away his sadness Smiley Sad

We did a bit of planning for his 18th today

Does anyone else have teenage girls who FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT? ours are 13 & 15 and it's dreadful at the moment, they share a room which is unavoidable but doesn't help :/



Re: To the Mums of ReachOut

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Hi @ziggystarmum! Thanks for checking in, great news that he's found someone he clicks with at a Headspace centre.. This is hopefully make a big difference over time.

I think that your question about your daughters is a really interesting one so I have pulled it out into a new thread here - hope that's OK. Feel free to add anything to the thread if I haven't captured it properly....