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Toddler feeling rejected by others

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Toddler feeling rejected by others


Toddler feeling rejected by others

My toddler loves physical connection from others, including other toddlers. He loves to give hugs but we've also been teaching him about consent and that not everyone enjoys hugs or wants one in that moment. We accept when he's not feeling a hug from us. So instead, we've told him to ask his friends for a high five instead so that he still gets his needs met and gets that physical connection. Some kids still refuse even a high five and I understand that that's okay, I wouldn't ask another parent to force their kids to do anything they don't want but my child is so confused and dejected when this happens. How do I make sure he's still getting his own needs met without damaging anyone else's? He's such a loving and affectionate little boy and iid hate for him to lose that because others won't accept him or reciprocate. What do we do?
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Re: Toddler feeling rejected by others

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It's nice to hear that you are helping your toddler to understand consent and to respect the boundaries of others. Offering a high-five seems like a good alternative to a hug, and I can see how some kids would feel more comfortable with this. I'm just wondering if some of the other kids don't know what a high-five is as yet, maybe they just haven't learnt it and don't know how to respond. Do you think your toddler would be comfortable offering a toy to another child and inviting them to play together? This may give him the social contact that he is seeking, as well as practicing sharing skills.