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Trust and P platers

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Re: Trust and P platers

My daughter is happy to be a passenger and get a lift and enjoy the independence with her friend. But as we know, teens often don't think through potential senarios that well. I understand the P's are not that easy to pass and also am aware that not every child complies with the 120 hours of driving practice while on their L's. When a family has triplets -that is a lot of hours of extra driving to work through! I am happy for her to drive with friends ONCE they gain more local experience driving SOLO. Very different from driving on your L's with a mentor/coach/guide on the side. Having a friend die in this sitation when I was my daughters age probably affects my views.....

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Re: Trust and P platers

As parents we have so many milestones to navigate don't we?

This is one I remember clearly.


I didn't want my kids being driven by their friends who had just got their licence. Despite the arduous hours, it is vastly different without an experienced driver watching over them exacerbated by the potential for them to be cool or show off with their friends. I just preferred a bit of time for the driver to get used to driving alone without my precious ones with them. Having said that, I am not naive and I expect they ignored my rules anyway, sigh........  

On the flip side, what rules do you make for your own children about them taking passengers? What comes first depends on whether your son/daughter is one of the early drivers or the later ones. 

Once my son got his licence, he was very useful for driving his sister around but I made sure that I personally cleared it with the parents of her friends so they knew who was picking up from dance class or soccer practice. 

And one more angle - you probably know your own kids better than you know their friends, so make the rules you feel comfortable with.

Good luck