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Why the difference?

Why the difference?


Why the difference?

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It is no secret that when out in public well behaved kids are a thing for me.  If they are not, it torques my jaw.  I want polite, moderate tones, and manners.  Last week I commented on the fantastically behaved young gentlemen that were at dinner with their young mom.

Tonight, I am having dinner at a competitor of that restaurant,  much smaller, family owned, a few other seated tables.  There is a little girl playing hide and seek with a teen boy.  Not loud but certainly not quiet.

Usually I might get extremely irritated by this.  For some reason, this isn't bothering me.   I think it is because it is a small family atmosphere rather than a more traditional restaurant.

Or, just maybe, I beginning to mellow a bit.

Nah!  Not likely.


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