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Worried about my 7 month old baby

Worried about my 7 month old baby


Worried about my 7 month old baby

I can not stop my worry of covid.. I am in SA and we have just started getting loads of cases and the anxiety I get about my baby getting sick is so bad it is mentally and physically affecting me. I’m so scared his going to get sick and something bad is going to happen. I don’t know how to stop my worries? Has anyone experienced there kids or babies getting covid? How do you cope living in a covid city 😖

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Hi @Lucille18, thanks for reaching out. Firstly, I am really sorry to hear that you are feeling incredibly worried about COVID. It must be difficult to worry about not only yourself but also your baby as well. There is a lot on your plate at the moment. I can see why increasing cases is causing you to feel a lot more anxious, to the point where it is impacting you mentally and physically. Please know that you are not alone. These worries have been on the mind of a lot of people, with or without children.


I am wondering if you have thought of talking to a professional? It is not uncommon to do so, especially as COVID ebbs and flows. You could also talk to your GP about ways to keep you and your baby safe.. or a psychologist to manage your worries associated with COVID. A lot of our resources are geared towards parents of teenagers, however we have an article which discusses ways to maintain your own wellbeing during COVID. Are there any strategies that you have tried so far to manage your worries?


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Re: Worried about my 7 month old baby

It can be so exciting watching your child grow and learn new things. Sometimes it seems like new developments are happening every day.

With all this growth and development, it can be tempting to start comparing your baby with other children, or even yourself at their age.

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