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iPhone App Suggestions

Hi everyone!


I wanted to suggest my favorite iPhone apps that I use with my kids that make my life a little easier!


The first one is called AutoSender and is great for scheduling messages that then automatically will send to your kid! So if you are out of town, you can schedule reminders like when to take their medicine, feed the dog, or anything else they have to do! Even when I will just be home later in the evening I will make sure to schedule a message to send to ALL of them(you can create a group with as much people as you want) reminding them to do their chores and homework before I get home!


The second one is called Splitwise and I actually use it a little different then it is meant to be used. It is meant to let room mates split up expenses equally and figure out who owes who what, but personally I use it for anytime my kids make a purchase with their own money for something I would normally cover. For example my oldest son had to give his teachers $10 of his own money for a field trip last week, so he simply imputed his amount spent into the app, selected he paid for it, and that I now owe him 10! It works great for keeping track of things like that, so now I can put $10 right into his bank account.


The last one is called Sleep Cycle and I actually convinced my kids to use this app as well. It tracks how long/well you are sleeping throughout the night, which is great for a parent that is trying to catch up on their missed sleep. But also great for encouraging kids to get better sleep routines, for example if they are noticing after only getting 5-6 hours of sleep they are feeling blah and tired all day, but after getting 8 hours of sleep they feel great, you will notice them working more and more on how much sleep they get!



Re: iPhone App Suggestions

Hi @georgerobert 

Thanks so much for these great app suggestions! They all look really useful. I have used splitwise before and have found it a great tool for keeping track of spending, so I can definitely vouch for that one! Autosender sounds really handy, might have to check that one out, and that is great you've found using Sleep Cycle with your kids to help with sleep routines.

Thanks again for sharing these recommendations Smiley Happy