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schools on the wrong path

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schools on the wrong path

Hi parents,


I want to let parents know that as an educator I am concerned.  Schools are teaching the common core, which is fine.  The problem is that many schools no longer teach to the students needs but are required to follow the common core.  What this means is that if your child can't keep up with the concept taught at this fast pace then they are left being uneducated because the teacher is forced to move to the next common core standard.  This is not by the teachers choice but rather the districts.  If your child can keep up then they will be more than fine they will be great.  This sadly will not be the case for students that struggle.


Ironically, this is not what many teachers learned in college when getting degree's in teaching.  They were told repeatedly to NOT teach to the basal, which means they should not follow a curriculum (or common core standard) but should evaluate students and teach according to what the student does not know. This is no longer happening.  Again, teachers are just teaching to the common core and slower learning students will be left behind.


I tell you this so that you can be educated and ask you to voice your concerns to you local state governments to change this approach.  If you notice that your child is struggling in school this is very likely why.


Re: schools on the wrong path

The current system doesn't cater for so many kids who end up dropping out and trying to find an alternative education environment is difficult. These type of education systems are all private or funded through charity organisations.

This is my next crusade after I get somewhere with the lack of mental health services available to adolescents. Several government ministers have been brought into my recent experience
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Re: schools on the wrong path

Hi @teacher, thanks for bringing this issue to the forums. It must be hard for you to experience this as a teacher, as you want to see every student succeed. It sounds like this is a topic that you are passionate about and wanting to make change in which is really kind of you. How can you handle this instance if it does occur in your classroom?
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Re: schools on the wrong path

Hi @NannyKerry it sounds like advocacy is an area you are very passionate about! I would love to hear if you have any tips for parents advocating on behalf of their teens around key issues like schooling or mental health services?


Often it is parents that are pushing for their teens/childrens needs in both the education system, and the health system Heart


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