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Hello my son os 13 and is going through process of being diagnosed with adhd he has his first appointment coming up and not sire what to expect can somebody please enlighten me on the process and what to expect he also has other needs that is pre diagnosed by a specialist teacher which says he has dispraxia dyslexia and autism thank you natash
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Hi @Natasha1990,


Thanks for sharing. We imagine you must be feeling quite nervous and unsure about what exactly to expect. The process will depend on what country you are located in and what practitioner your appointment is with. We are an Australian service, and while we can't provide any specific advice as to what the process will be, this website gives an overview of the process. This may or may not be applicable for you. Otherwise, the specialist teacher might have an idea about what you can expect from your first appointment.


We wish you all the best and please feel welcome to report back on how your appointment went Heart