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Adult step son


Adult step son

I have a 21 year old step stone with Autism he’s not severe but he is prone to lying about everything and his father does nothing about it and we never get a moment’s peace with him he’s able to make his own food and refuses to he is capable of doing things on his own and refuses to he pees on the floor he gets poop everywhere and he never did this when he was with his mother the father thinks I’m being mean when I get upset but I’m at the end of my rope and we have to lie when we TRY to have date night i personally fell he’s old enough and capable of understanding what date night is but since his father feels we shouldn’t go since I don’t want the son to go we both have full time jobs then animals and the house to deal with I want our time but it’s happening less and less


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Hi @Samysam, thank you for sharing your situation with us. It sounds like it has been a challenging time for you and your partner at home as you support your step-son living with autism. I can hear your frustration and exhaustion. It sounds like a really difficult situation to be in, especially when it is preventing you and your partner from finding quality time to spend with each other. I wonder if this is something you have spoken about with your partner? Perhaps before you do, identifying what your needs are at the moment might help, for example, do you need time for yourself? Do you need time for you and your partner to spend time together alone? 

The Raising Children’s Network has some useful parenting-related resources specifically for children living with autism that might be helpful to look into, you can find them here.

There are also some great resources out there for step-parents and blended families. ReachOut has some articles on how to navigate being a step-parent here, and another on blended families here. The Raising Children’s Network also has a range of articles on blended families, have a look here if you’re interested. 

As it looks like you are posting from overseas, I wanted to mention that the resources I have shared with you are based in Australia, however they might still be very helpful for what you are going through at the moment.