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BPD in teen daughter

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BPD in teen daughter

Hi after years of struggling with my teen daughter who is now 17 yrs we finally
Managed to get a diagnosis that she may have borderline personality disorder. Working through many psychiatrists we finally found one that helped diagnose this. Now
We have been told to do DBT , however the programmes on
Offer are for long periods and only a few offer DBT programmes for young adults.
Does anyone know of any Psycologist’s who specialise in young adult DBT in this area or close by. She’s in YR12 so it’s a really stressful year for her. Any info would be highly appreciated.

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Re: BPD in teen daughter

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Hi @Charms1302 

Thank you for reaching out for some support with this. Your teen receiving a new diagnosis can be a bit of a stressful time, but it’s fantastic to see that you are being proactive in looking for the right support for your daughter. 


You or your daughter might want to have a look through some of these articles on BPD to get some more information on what it can look like, and how to get support. We also recommend trying the APS tool to find a psychologist in your area. You can enter your location and specialty, to find supports available near you. I’m wondering if the psychiatrist you saw had any referral suggestions at all?


How are you feeling about the diagnosis? Do you have friends or family you can chat to about how you’re feeling?


(Also, just letting you know I had to edit out your location from your post, as it goes against our Community Guidelines).