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Doctors clearance for daycare

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Doctors clearance for daycare

My son started daycare mid Jan and has been sick at least 80% of time. I completely understand that his immune system is building up and that he needs a break from daycare to recover as well as a test for covid if he has symptoms (he's had 3 tests). I also want to mention that I really like our daycare centre it's close to home and the staff seem to really care about the children.

However I'm getting really frustrated with the centre lately. Last Tuesday I got a call from my childcare centre around 4:45 that my son had a temperature of 38 degrees and he needed to be picked up. I informed my partner who got there a little after 5:30pm. By that time his temperature had dropped to 36 degrees and was feeling much better. Since covid the centre has asked for clearances from a doctor when a child is sick but as his temperature had recovered while in their care shouldn't a clearance be waived??  

It seems to me that they take every opportunity to send children home with any symptoms of illness knowing full well that the child will be off for at least one day as a doctors clearance has to be attained. I tried to make an appointment with 3 clinics in my area to get a clearance but they were all booked and instead had to go to an after hours clinic. There has to be some regulation to require a doctors clearance. Not only is it filling up doctors waiting rooms with healthy people getting a clearance, it is costing me a fortune in daycare, loss of income and stress trying to organise 2 appointments – one for treatment and one for a clearance. Am I being unfair??