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How we mums do so little for ourselves

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How we mums do so little for ourselves

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How we mums do so little for ourselves

So I am back after a little while and in much better shape and I have more chooks and babies hatching this week!!! So exciting for us.


A few mths ago my chooks meant nothing (huge red flag) and my kids SN14 and her somewhat normal teen twin have been doing the bulk of caring and making decisions and living in despair whilst I somehow managed to get out of whatever scenery my mind was hiding behind. I lost my memory and failed the mini mental tests. Didn't know my name blah blah.

They rang the psych team who changed meds and slowly I began to smile and show a few minutes of interest.. They coped extremely well as usual and got support from friends and the MH team.


During this time we had so much success with all of our issues, SN issues wins for my girl and the school took on all recommendations. Rehab appmts 3 times a wk, my SN girl is back in the pool and her feet are loosening up more each week. The school also has given my SN girl an outlet to gain confidence and train dogs for autism.  T1 has just returned from a wk of cadet training on one of the Vic bases. Her confidence was booming until she saw her sister. I did find having a single child very draining so glad I managed twins!


If I'd taken more care of myself instead of putting out the traumatic fires hour after hour and stressed less about stupid things, if only I just talked, if only I'd realised how little juice was in the tank, if only the rain had stopped, if only I had remembered to cry and breathe -advice I freely give out and kindly forgot to advise myself. But now, I'm back to building the weather is hot and I have to rescue my hens as the rooster is running amok .. We'd eat him but he is a bantam and who else would sit on my shoulder at night watching telly!!







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Re: How we mums do so little for ourselves

Hey @Lily17, it's great to see you back. Spring's such a great time of year, lots of new babies. I'd love to see a photo of your chickens! I house sat the other week for relos in the country. So many lambs around as well as joeys. (There are heaps of roos there).


As mum's we're always the last one's we think of - often until it's too late. Your girls sound so resilient, and I'm so glad you have supports around you to help out when you need to take care of yourself. 


The girls activities sound fun. How awesome that your SN girl can help training dogs for autism! Animals are so good for our emotional well being, as I'm sure you know, and training for such a worthwhile purpose just adds to the value I reckon.


You wouldn't get much of a feed from a bantam hey! I'd keep him as a tv companion too Smiley Happy

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Re: How we mums do so little for ourselves

I love the training program with the pups! @Lily17 How incredible. Your bantam sounds like a loveable wart, hope he doesn't cause too much chaos Smiley Happy Something really resonated with me in your post - "if only I had remembered to cry and breathe"


I wish more people took this on board, and seriously exercised this task. I have begun to welcome crying myself, such a wonderful outlet. And such a powerful way for your body to acknowledge an event, to process something through tears I think is quite a profound thing. Thank you for updating us on how you and the family are traveling. Please keep us updated on the chooks!