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I'm here to have a rant about life. Anyone want to join me?

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I'm here to have a rant about life. Anyone want to join me?

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I'm here to have a rant about life. Anyone want to join me?

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Ok so this has nothing to do with my daughter or parenting, but it is about 'adulting', or trying to do so the best way I can. I'm still feeling like ranting, although I've been trying to use all the things I know to keep calm and move on. There are so many components that annoy me, where do I start?! I was approached on Twitter to moderate a new facebook group that a woman was starting up to support suicide survivors. I agreed, as I thought it was a good cause, and fell for the woman's sob story. I'm no expert in anything online but agreed to change things around in the group and muck around with artwork, which took me 6 hours one day. To cut a long story short, I was expected to stay up all hours messaging her about 'fluff' (she's in California), she just kept giving me more and more responsibility despite me telling her about the other things I have in my life. When I finally asked her to give me estimated timeframes on these added tasks, she created a big drama, whinging to her 2 other volunteers about my commitment. She messaged me after being told I was going away and didn't want to be contacted by anyone, my first morning I was away. My first respite in 5 years, and my first whole day and 2 nights off in 2 years. I was fuming, at how rude and self centred this woman was. After that I told I couldn't volunteer for her anymore, and told her why. Her response to me was to leave the group I'd helped setup and moderate, if that's how I felt about (the name of her website). I had already done that, but it was something she could've done herself, and showed me her lack of gratitude and her ego. I feel completely used and taken advantage of. I was putting in so much time, I'd done nothing on my website, hadn't been on here much, had no time to the things I wanted to do, but how dare I set my boudaries! I attract this type, and as much as it grates on me, I am glad I recognised it and got away after only a few weeks. Her other volunteer is swamped but doesn't know how to say no to the guilt tripping.  


It's been a full on couple of weeks. My dad's been back in hospital 2 weeks after surgery to have stents put in his lower aorta - one hadn't been pumped up enough and moved, twisting the aorta causing a blood clot and cutting off blood supply to his left leg. It seems that has now been fixed, but the way they blast the clot out has damaged his kidneys. He's going in for another ct scan next Monday to check out his kidneys, but will likey have to see the renal specialist. He's really upset and I hate seeing my dad like this. 


I've given up smoking and was hoping my lungs were my biggest problem, as quitting will see them not get any worse. But I'm off to the gyno because I've had 3 operations in 12 years and pesky dangerous cervical cells are back again. 18 months after my last surgery. So a hysterectomy is on the cards. And that's ok, because for me, I'm too old to have another child, but still, it makes that fact very real if that makes any sense. Sorry to any dads who really didn't need to read about another woman's gyno story! So, poo, bum, far out, geez louise, crumbs, fiddlesticks, kung fooey, son of a monkey's bottom, jimini cricket, fudge nuggets!!!