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Hey guys,


So, I am British, I live in East Sussex in the UK and I’m the very proud mother of an awesome 9 year old boy. I work as a Teaching Assistant in a specialist school for children with autism and severe learning difficulties. I’m also a certified reflexology and reiki practitioner. In addition I’m an entrepreneur. In my early 20’s I was the owner a successful french restaurant. Food is something I’m passionate about and I’m also passionate about music, dance, design, travel but  main passion in life is spiritual growth or self-development. I have a strong desire is to live in peace and harmony. When I see and experience disharmony and suffering in the world I want it to change and I believe there is another way. I don’t think we have to accept disharmony as part of our lives, I believe we can rise above it.  I have a vision of a peaceful and harmonious world and I’m passionate about helping people to achieve greater levels of peace in their lives. I love people and making connections but I especially love children. I’ve always enjoyed being around them relating to them and I have a deep desire to help protect and nurture their innate purity, presence and natural compassion. I really like this quote by Robin Grill who wrote the book parenting for a peaceful world. He says:


“The key to world peace and sustainability

lies in the way we collectively relate to our children.

The human brain and heart that are met

primarily with empathy in the critical

early years can not and will not grow

to choose a violent or selfish life.”


Can't wait to connect!


Peace and love Tre xxx

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Re: Intro

Hey @peacefulparent

Welcome to ReachOut Parents.

Not sure if you noticed but we are a community of parents of 12 - 18-year-olds based in Australia.

The main reason I mention that is because a big part of what we do here is share referrals to services that have worked for us, but they're all Aussie based too.

Also, we tend to only talk about teenagers. So you may find the conversations are talking about things your son is not quite up to yet. 

You're very welcome to stay and join in, I just wanted to make sure you knew.

If you would prefer something either closer to home or for younger kids, let us know and we'll see what we can find. Otherwise, Welcome!!  Smiley Happy 

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