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I have 2 children, 2 boys, 1 is all grown up and at university, my other son is 15 and was diagnosed with ADHD in May 2021. He is spontaneous, hilariously funny and sociable. He has been a challenge to parent but we have always accepted him for who he is. The school however, won’t! He is frequently in trouble 😈. They won’t accept his impulsive behaviour is a symptom of his ADHD 😔. I guess I’m writing this in the hope that I can share some of my feelings of worry and anxiety with other parents facing similar issues and offer support to other parents… is such a tough job! 

Well, I am very glad it’s Friday and the chance for my family to be just themselves and not battling to live up to others expectations! 🙂

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Dear @Janjan and welcome to our forums. We are happy to have you.


I can hear how much you love your son and want the best for him. It's so lovely to hear that you accept him as he is. I'm sure he'd appreciate that and that it would be good for his self-esteem! It sounds like you think the school doesn't understand him or his condition, which sounds really tough for you (and him). I'm glad that you came and joined our forums, and posted here. I hope you find it helpful. Please feel free to create your own thread at any time. Heart



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Hi There, 
Well, I'm new here. A meeting with a new therapist ended with the suggestion of joining some sort of online support group of parent, soooo here I am. I'm from Canada, just outside Toronto. 
I actually have two kids, both with mental health challenges. 

1. How old are your kids and what is one thing they've done recently that made you laugh?
23 and 29, I hope they are still young enough to qualify me for this forum! Make me laugh, my daughter (23) recently was joking about grocery store spring rolls (terrible stuff), my son is often joking around but recently brought 2 kittens into the house which are a constant source of chaos and amusement.
2. Parenting can be really stressful - how do you try to keep those stress levels down?
Having a hard time with that honestly. It used to be walking with my wife to get fresh air and perspective (my daughter recently expressed that she fears being left alone in the house), breathing, watching lighthearted stuff like Ru Paul's Drag Race. 

3. What led you to ReachOut Parents today?
A therapist suggested I find an online forum of other parents who may understand the struggle. My daughter has BPD and it's been a rough go recently. 

4. Whats your top tip for parents whose kids are about to enter teenage years?
Don't ignore the warning signs. Living is more important than school, so if it's life or school, pick life. Set clear boundaries early and maintain them. I should have done that. I didn't. Hindsight. 

5. Whats the best thing about weekends?
Having a hard time with that right now honesty. All the days sort of blend, weeks become weekends. It used to be spending time with my family, long motorcycle rides or drives in the old car. We'll get there again, in time. 

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Hi @Stinkerella and welcome! 


It's lovely to read about your family and can quickly tell that you really care about them. 


Great to hear that you are getting support from a therapist and you're looking to connect with other parents going through similar things. If there's something you'd like to chat about you can do so here.


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My kids are 6 and 10 years old. Today, I laugh as I send my silly picture to a bestie knowing that my friend will also laugh at how my face looks like I have eaten a can of salt and drank all the water in the world 😂.
When I feel stressed, I try to hug my kids and my husband, I love hugs and it relaxes me and lessen the stress.
Today I was caught feeling frustrated because my youngest I dunno he feels frustrated and scratches himself and I saw his scratch marks at his torso. I feel bad being a mom not able to help him with his emotions 😥💔.
I still have a 10 year old and haven't really thought about how to deal and embrace teenage years of my son but my advise would be, always be ready to listen to them even by their gestures. Be there whether they need you or not. They need us even if they say they don't. 😊
Family bonding, late night watching and talks with kids. Playing games with them and no school works! 😁

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Hi there @Lumos welcome to the community! 


You mentioned two of life's greatest joys - sharing funny pictures with your bestie and hugs with loved ones - so glad to hear you have that! 


I wanted to chime in here to let you know that we're glad you opened up about your youngest feeling frustrated and scratching himself. That must be heartbreaking to see, and if we can support you with this, we'd really like to. 


Have you considered chatting with your family doctor about the scratches? Feel free to create a thread by clicking on this link, so you can have a space to talk more about this, and we can support you some more there. 


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Hi all


I'm mum to a 12 yo (13 in April) girl.  My daughter makes me laugh nearly every day as she is my mini-me, with bad habits included Smiley Happy 

I don't deal well with stress, I'm medicated (have been for years) but I'm always trying new methods to help me relax and adapt. 

I google'd and noticed the forums/ topics - I'm really enjoying reading the topics, and knowing I'm not alone. I'm a single (younger) mum, my daughters dad lives interstate, and has minimal to do with her. Support networks are key!

I'm about to enter the teenage years - tips please! So far I've learnt to prioritise my time and relationship with my daughter - it's currently on a weird mum/friend situation leaning more towards friend. 

Weekends are consistent. And I need consistent. 

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Welcome @pheebs !


Great to have you in the community Smiley Happy


So lovely to hear how close you and your daughter are, especially when you've been the primary carer for her. I bet she appreciates you a lot (even though I know teens don't tend to show it as much!)


And you are so right, support networks are so important. I'm really glad that the forum has helped you feel less alone Heart


Please feel welcome to create your own posts here if there's anything in particular you would like to chat about. 

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!


have two children aged 16 and 20

watched a favourite movie probably 10th time for a laugh

to keep stress off from parenting i try to worry but also try to find out what best i can do to solve

and thus bumped into this site

top tips for teen parents..spend your time and give lot of love with your children whilst they live with you

best thing about weekends ..can do anything.. i dont like routine or rules

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Hi @dafodil and welcome!


That's some great advice, it's so important to spend time with our children and create happy memories Smiley Very Happy


And also great to see you're taking some time for yourself and relaxing with your favourite movie!


I can see that you've shared another post about your teen, great to see you're using the forum to reach out for support too.