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Scottish Freya

Newbie here

Hi guys, I am new to this forum so here is a little about myself.

I am a parent of twin girls aged 6yrs old plus I also babysit for my own sister who is 5yrs old.

I am only 20 and am a part time assistant at the nursery in my area.
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Hello @Scottish Freya 
Thank you for sharing a bit about your family. This forum is aimed at parents who's children are teenagers, and is focused on supporting their mental health, so I'm not sure how relevant you'll find it for your twin 6 year olds. 
I also noticed that you're in the UK- we are an Australian based forum  - best suited for people living in Australia as we have information about local resources and services. 
If you find the forum, or our website useful- that's great!

But you might find it more helpful to look at a forum suited to your kids age and your location such as 


Parenting forum 


Hope that's helpful!