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Organization 7 year old

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Organization 7 year old

Hi everyone I made this post to see if anyone can help me with what I'm going through with my seven year old daughter she was diagnosed with ADHD and we have been trying to get her into therapy for occupational therapy and behavior also ,meanwhile she's having some trouble at school that her teachers reported to me she is always losing her materials and not finishing work at class I know that she has ADHD and this might be a common symptoms but meanwhile I don't know how to help her and make her understand how to be more organized at school this is a situation that happens every day she forgets her water bottle homework folder pencil cases and I have bought already more than four times new materials for her but it keeps happening I don't know if anyone can give me some opinions on what I can do to make this better maybe timeout or taking away the things that she loves will that work or I don't really know what to do thank you

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Hey, @Dainelisleyvac thank you for sharing what is going on for you and your daughter. So many parents and carers here post about ADHD - if you look at some of the other threads, I'm sure you'll see that you are alone with the challenges you mentioned. 


Finding what works with ADHD is a very individual thing - it's great to hear you're open to getting some professional support as they'll be able to help you find what works for your daughter. One potential avenue to explore is support groups, and there's a list of all the ADHD support groups around the country here


It might be worth seeing a GP to see what support is available to you in the short term - although I did want to acknowledge how difficult it can be to get ADHD support. These articles on ADHD + parenting and school have some good insights that you might be interested in reading. I'm curious to know if the school have offered any support to help your daughter remember her belongings? 


I did want to let you know that ReachOut's support is designed for parents and carers of teens. So I thought it might be helpful to check out Family Services Australia provides support and services for all areas of parenting. 


Let me know what you think!