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Teen Bingo (for parents!)

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Teen Bingo (for parents!)

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The rules are simple:


1. Stamp each quote as your teen utters it.

2. Have a laugh when you fill an entire row.

3. The prize is adulation from the rest of us for not committing murder Smiley LOL


You can substitute utterances specific to your teen to make it more fun.


What would you substitute? I'd add:

'yeah, nah'


'aargh' with eye roll emoticon.



(Thanks to @taziness for posting this on her facebook page. I think it's gold so had to share!)

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Re: Teen Bingo (for parents!)

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Love this @taokat I would never finish because my teen doesn't play videos but if her younger brother can be included, I'm in with a chance.


My additions are:


"5 more minutes"

"Muuuuuuum" said in that drawn out, lilting way that tells me she's about to hit me up for money/ a ride / writing a note

"I can't find it!"


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Re: Teen Bingo (for parents!)

Hi @Ngaio-RO - yes, the muuuuum!! Sometimes I want to run and hide! Too funny.

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Re: Teen Bingo (for parents!)

haha! I wish my teen said half these things, if it's not a grunt, it's a swear!

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Re: Teen Bingo (for parents!)

@TeenToddlerKids I relate to the grunting and swearing. Put it on your sheet. Have to make it personal to your teen! 


A good way of turning the annoyance into humour. And we get to have a private giggle at our kids! 

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