Best ways to end a week...

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Best ways to end a week...

I thought I'd start this thread with a gentle reminder that the end of the week is a chance for many of us parents to sigh, flop on the couch with a friend or family member, someone we love, a favourite movie and easy meal. It should be a time to reflect on the week that was, but not dwell. A time to remind ourselves that there are a couple days ahead when somehow we should try to squeeze in some self care, before Monday rolls around and the next week begins.


So, how do you flop on a Friday?! I am a couch, movie and easy meal person.



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Re: Best ways to end a week...

Hey there @Faob_1, this is an amazing thread idea! With the weekend fast approaching yet again, it is a great time to have a rest from the busyness of the week and relax with ourselves, friend or family members Smiley Happy


Flopping on the couch with a movie and food sounds like a fantastic way to end the week! It is definitely one of my preferred ways of relaxing Smiley Happy


I'm also going to tag some other users, I'd love to hear how you all relax on a Friday afternoon! Smiley Happy

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Re: Best ways to end a week...

For the past nine years we haven’t had weekends off, they have just been busier in an accommodation business 😊
Now we’re creating more shows and workshops but doing it in Spain, every day feels like Friday afternoon!
Tapas, semi siestas and working from home on and off day and night 😊
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Re: Best ways to end a week...

Yah good post, and no I'm not going to top Spain!

Yah, Netflix has me covered (although it usually results in a lot of flicking and not much watching!).

On my way home now (been a long day) and **bleep** it I'm going to watch something tonight.

Actually my son said there are new items in minecraft and so may help him build his world.
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Re: Best ways to end a week...

I love this topic @Faob_1! I am going to feature it so more parents can jump into this discussion Smiley Happy

I love to catch up with friends or family to end the week, share our stories and enjoy each other's company. Most weeks I will cook a family dinner, or go out with friends. Connection with others helps to bring my focus away from work and into the weekend Smiley Happy

Love to hear from our community- this could become a top tips guide to wrapping up the week Smiley Happy
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Re: Best ways to end a week...

I am going to tag a ton of new parents who have joined in the last week who might be interested in jumping into this discussion - this is a fun place to start! 


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