Eating disorders

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Re: Eating disorders

Hi schooner, how long have you been going through this?
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Re: Eating disorders

Well, we had 20 difficult months or so with my son, Dec 2015 to July/August 2017. By then my son was very much improving. He is still on meds, but coming off slowly with only a few signs of anxiety (typical teenage variety anxiety now, in my opinion.)


I was exhausted by July 2017. It was annoying because I knew he was nearly there, and I couldn't finish the journey with him. I had to step back. I felt physically and mentally exhausted for the rest of 2017 (also had a little surgery during that time, which didn't help). I slowly improved over that time. After 3 months I felt okay, but it didn't take much to push me back again. I really felt my reserves were empty.


This year is better. I took 5 weeks off to visit my daughter in London and travel around Europe. My son stayed at home. It was good to get away and forget it for a while.


I still don't think I'm back to 100%, and still feel my reserves are low, but I'm okay. So that's about 14 months later Smiley Wink 


It's hard work @Beno50




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Re: Eating disorders

Thanks for telling me your story, I have been to my GP and seen my daughter for the first time since she was admitted very difficult day, but it's done now