Help ReachOut to Raise Dough!

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Community Manager

Help ReachOut to Raise Dough!

Exciting news, parents & friends :-) 

This May, ReachOut is asking everyone to get involved and 'Raise Dough' to raise funds and support the work we do.


The premise is simple – sign up, bake, and host a sale for your baked goods to friends, family, and colleagues to raise funds and awareness for youth mental health.

There’s even a benefit for you – baking can be good for your wellbeing:


5 ways to wellbeing_A5.png

Want to get involved?– sign up here.


Now, here’s our question to you:
Do you like baking?? And, if so - what do you like to bake ?? (it needn't be something sweet) 

Feel free to share your recipes, baking successes, epic baking fails (hello Pinterest recipes, I'm looking at you!), any baking puns - you'll see we've used a few, and your experiences of baking with your young person.  Maybe even ask them to join you?

Parent Peer Supporter

Re: Help ReachOut to Raise Dough!

This is an awesome initiative! My social circle is quite small, but I'm going to speak to my gym and see if they'll support me and allow me to sell there. 


I do have funny memories of my daughter cooking - not baking, but chopping up onions wearing her swimming goggles so her eyes didn't water Smiley LOL 


I do enjoy baking but don't do it enough lately. Anzac biscuits are a favourite to make, possibly because I grew up making them with my mum. 


My daughter makes a mean fudge slice - it never lasts long!

Community Manager

Re: Help ReachOut to Raise Dough!

haha @taokat -  the goggles is such a good idea when chopping onions!!!
I like the sound of that fudge slice too... 

It would be awesome if you got baking and raising dough at the gym! Maybe you could make those yummy bliss balls with protein - to appeal to the health conscious sweet tooth?