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Join us for a (virtual) coffee!

Join us for a (virtual) coffee!

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Join us for a (virtual) coffee!

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Hello to all in our ReachOut Parents Community! 


One of our most recent community champions, the lovely @Birdwings , suggested that we introduce a regular virtual coffee to the community, and we thought it was a brilliant idea! 


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Covid has meant that a lot of parents, myself included, have been feeling a bit more isolated than usual - I know that I have been missing the usual casual chats at the school gate and sporting events. Given that a lot of us are supporting our kids through some really unprecedented times, losing that sense of connection and sense of having somewhere to vent can really leave a hole in our lives, so we thought it could be great to create a space where parents could pop in and say hello!  


We'd love to hear whatever you have to say - how is your week going? What was the highlight? Is there anything you'd like to get off your chest?  There is so much power in sharing our stories, big or small. 

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I also wanted to give a huge welcome to some of the newer  members of our community @Wondermumma , @Famof6 , @Anasmum , @Ruhari , @NickiSt@Jessr21 @SeafoamGreen , @Crazymumma7  @blueskies , @AntiTechGirl , - we hope you enjoy being a part of the ReachOut Parents' Community. 

Parent Community Champion

Re: Join us for a (virtual) coffee!

Hi Everyone,

This is Birdwings, and I'm really pleased that Reach Out has decided to run with the idea of a weekly coffee share. I've been doing this for a few years through my blog and have made some wonderful friends around the world. 

However, I'm really feeling the need to mix with other parents, especially within Australia and to just share about parent stuff now that we're isolated from so many of our friends and networks due to Covid. 

This really came to my attention last weekend when my daughter told me there had been a massive car crash locally and one of my old coffee friends from when the kids were in infants school, her son was in the car. I haven' seen her for years, and many of these friendships have slid since my kids went into high school.

However, what this incident particularly called to mind, was that our teens have a very extensive network of contacts vis snapchat, Instagram, their phones and just walking around the local area. They could all meet up at the local park, party, beach very easily and us parents could be none the wiser.

So, now I'm trying to spread my tentacles a bit. This is different to being a helicopter parent who hovers very noticeably above the surface. This is more long range and possibly even underground. Just needing to be aware and if alarms go off, being able to respond. If this sounds like a military operation, it's because I'm researching WWI and it's made me aware that my own game plan is rather deficient. 

We've also had some really good things happening lately. Our son was doing work experience last week, which went really well and our daughter competed in her first dance competition possibly even for this year. It's certainly been a long time. She did really well, but what really matters is that we were all back there again and all these dancers have persevered through covid, doing classes at home through zoom and not given up. It was hard for us because the classes were on during dinner time and we were all shut out in the loungeroom until she finished. 

Has their been something like that going on at your place? 

I was also wondering if you have any pets? We have three dogs. One's a bit older, but the other two are border collies crosses and very high octane. They've loved Covid with having us at home, and got a lot of extra walks when the kids were doing school from home. 

My personal interests aside from my writing and research include baking, photography and I'm also trying to resurrect our garden. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


Active scribe

Re: Join us for a (virtual) coffee!

Excellent idea Birdwings! I too am feeling the loss of the school gate conversations and the gym meets, I've lost my parent groups and my job. So a virtual coffee sounds great - name the day. Seriously, I don't think you should apologise for the "military style operation" initiative. I wish I had indulged earlier and I might have discovered my daughters' severe anxiety and associate behaviours earlier.

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