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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

I am a weary mother of 3 teenage children.  My 16 yr old daughter has exhibited signs of depression for many years  .  My mother, brother and my aunt all have depression although my latest therapist is trying to convince me that depression does not run in families.  To answer the introduction questions:


1.-In addition to my daughter, I have 2 sons-14 and 13 yrs.   My 13 yr old is quite "happy go lucky" and has promised me that he will be nice to me now that he is a teenager!!


2. I cope by running.  Some mornings I run until it hurts to breathe!  Being at work also helps.


3.I came to this forum because I haven't really met any other parents who understand the magnitude of the challenges that are present when dealing with a depressed teen.  I am also becoming quite jealous of friends who have successful, motivated teens.    Well-meaning friends tell me I am not disciplining my daughter properly.


4. Don't come to me for ANY parenting advice is the best advice I can give!


5.The best thing about weekends is I usually have to work and I have a few close friends at work that I can confide in with regards to my daughter's behavior. 


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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Welcome to the forum @Hope_-5! Thank you so much for your introduction and letting us get to know a litlte more about you Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's issues. I so get why you've come here to talk to parents who get it. It can become quite isolating as it's difficult for other to understand unless they have been through similar. I've never said this to anyone, but I am jealous of others who have 'normal' teens too. That really stood out to me, so thank you for sharing. 


Exercise is a fantastic way to cope. Gets the frustrations out for a little while and gets those happy hormones flowing. 


If you'd like to get some support on any issues, feel free to start a new topic from the page here.


We look forward to supporting you in the forum Smiley Happy

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Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!

Hi @Hope_-5,


Welcome to this forum. I hope you find it as beneficial as I have.


Depression is debilitating so your daughter is fortunate to have such a caring mum. The fact that you have other family members who have this condition might help for your daughter to not feel so alone. Does she talk to them about it?


Depression is often called "the common cold" of psychiatry, however there are different degrees and they are all treatable. You as the carer are doing a wonderful job. Just the fact that you have taken the time to introduce yourself and briefly discuss your issues is a sure sign that you care.


Like yourself and @taokat, I also wish for "normality" for my teenager. However.....for some reason our children and us are all meant to go through these experiences.


Connecting through this forum helps us parents/carers to not feel so alone with it all.