Today I'm grateful for...

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

@taokat @sunflowermom Craft / art projects are amazing self-care! The satisfaction you get out of doing something with your hands and seeing the end result is amazing! 

I should start up something like this again soon - now and then I like to sketch - I find it very easy to be mindful when I'm drawing! 



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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

I totally agree @gina-Ro, I love making the mosaic then having something I've made :-) 

Yes, you should get into your sketching! 


Today I'm grateful that we're inspiring each other to bring out our creative sides for all the benefits it brings!


Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Hi @taokat

That's funny that your daughter asked if you are having your mid life crisis!  My daughter likes to tease me too sometimes, and I actually probably secretly like it.


Today I am grateful that its Friday!  My favorite day of the week since we will make pizza for dinner tonight and I get to sleep in tomorrow.

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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

She’s a funny one @sunflowermom, and I don’t mind it either. Reminds me I’m a Mum and that’s all I ever wanted to be 😊 


I hope you enjoyed your pizza and your sleep-in! Heart