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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Sending you hugs and wishes for a turnaround with your son.
Community Manager

Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Today I am grateful for the really beautiful yellow flowers on my walk to the tram station Smiley Happy


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Re: Today I'm grateful for...

I am grateful to have three beautiful, loving and healthy children and am so happy that they are a part of my life.


Re: Today I'm grateful for...

Nice words, though being a parent of 3 totally rocks Cat Very Happy


We also have 3 angels)) Their favorite time is family game night (no i`m not speking about smth with whiskey and pokies) sounds great in theory. But after the fifth year of weekly Candy Land tournaments to accommodate your youngest children, you find yourself fighting the urge to shove King Kandy’s face right into Licorice Lagoon and hold him there until he stops kicking. Good luck)