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Weekly Wrap Up!

Weekly Wrap Up: What are the highlights this week?


From September 2019, we will be introducing a Weekly Wrap Up, highlighting the top 3 discussions of the week! 

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This is an opportunity to recognise the contributions of parents to the community, flag threads that may be of interest, and to celebrate the incredible support and learnings between members.


Want to nominate a fellow member's thread for Weekly Wrap Up? Let us know here, or via email at forums@reachout.com 


Let's celebrate!!

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Community Manager

Re: Weekly Wrap Up!

Weekly Wrap Up: 6th September 2019


This week we are celebrating members who have been courageous in sharing their experiences! Here are 3 highlights from this week:


1. This week we saw @InayaCare start a fantastic discussion about the importance of Self Advocacy skills for young people, particularly those with special needs or diverse experiences. With input from @Bre-RO and @JAKGR8, we are seeing the role parents have in supporting teens to advocate for themselves and their needs- such a crucial skill! You can contribute to this conversation here to share your thoughts and experiencesThank you @InayaCare for a fantastic discussion!


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2. This week we welcomed two new members who introduced themselves to our community in our New Member, Introduce yourself discussion. Welcome and thank you for making your first posts @Dot000 and @DSmum! Thank you to @PapaBill  and @JAKGR8 for the warm welcomes!


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3. @Newtothis2019 made a new discussion about interactions with her boyfriend's teen living in the home full time. We often hear from parents who are living with their partner's teens, or who are new to step parenting, and navigating the boundaries of that relationship. Check out this thread to share your thoughts, experiences and insights

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See something great happening in the forums community you want to highlight in the weekly wrap up? Let us know here!

Community Manager

Re: Weekly Wrap Up!

Hello community! It is Friday which means..... time for another Weekly Wrap Up to celebrate the activity happening across the forums this week!


Here are three highlights for this week- feel free to jump in, add to the conversations and let other members know their posts are awesome with a like!


1. This week we saw one of our newest members @Rose_1 come online to talk about the experiences of their teen not attending school. This is a topic that has come up time and time again across the forums as one of the big challenges parents are facing. If you have a similar experience, or thoughts you would like to share, jump into the discussion here. We are very grateful you have reached out @Rose_1 Heart


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2. A big shout out to the parents this week who have gone above and beyond to support other forum members! It takes a lot of courage to offer support and share your story to help someone else, and we want to acknowledge your contributions. A huge thank you to @DadFad @PapaBill @taokat @JAKGR8 @Alexendra @Maruko @gigi5 @D123d and @PaulSSmith!

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3. This next shout out goes to @JohnT for opening up for help this morning when your family is going through so much! We are all holding hope with you Heart We would love to see more community members jump into this discussion to share your support! An incredible response here from @DadFad 

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See something great happening in the forums community you want to highlight in the weekly wrap up? Let us know here!