Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan - Music!

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Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan - Music!

Each Wednesday we post a different well being activity for you to give a go. 


This week is about music! 


Almost everyone enjoys music (would love to hear from you if you don't!)  and music has been proven to be an excellent stress relief, and mood enhancer! 

This week's activity is: 

1. Take a few minutes out of your day, to think about a song that makes you feel good. Play it, blast it in the car, look up the lyrics, have a dance to it - adsorb the good vibes from the song! 

2. If you'd like, share with us in the thread what that song is, and why it's meaningful for you. 


Hopefully we'll achieve a list of songs in this thread that we can make into a feel good playlist! 


I'll get us going. 

A song that always makes me feel good is: 

Lovely day by Bill Withers 



When I play this song, it makes me think of a slow weekend morning, making pancakes in the kitchen, and not caring too much about the stresses of life! It also reminds me of the importance of love in making every day worth while. 


Excited to hear your favourite tunes! 

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Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

Prolific scribe

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

Music is essential in our household. Actually, it can cause contention but at the moment my cheer up track is anything by A Great Big World https://youtu.be/pccTxOlX6L8

We use music for everything, from giving instructions when they were little to making connections with them now. It's a great feeling when we all discover a new song we all like. We aren't very musical but the kids even use music to estimate cooking times when they are cooking dinner. Smiley Happy


Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

Awesome use of music @JAKGR8 and thanks for sharing Heart
Prolific scribe

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

This is a favourite, from the sound track to Hair

I got life


Or on Youtube



I loved the movie all those years ago. 

Maybe some themes our children would benefit from seeing!?


For something more recent 

I listen to Metric


or lots of the young Australian singers on TripleJ.

i love Ali Barter, Alex the Astronaut, the list goes on


Community Manager

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

@JAKGR8  what a great cheerful song! 


It made me think of the Cat Empire (even though it's quite a different style of music. 

Love this one by them - Days Like These



@Orbit64 great songs!! 

Having songs at the ready for stressful days is a must for me.  Will be adding these to my happy playlist. 



Prolific scribe

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

Ok forgot about Cat Empire. Love their stuff. 

Community Manager

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

@JAKGR8 They are great! 

So happy 

:Smiley Happy 


Another tune for everyone - the band Parcels are really happy and relaxing music. 



Super frequent scribe

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

Ooh I’m almost a week late with my song, but, here it is...

Paul Kelly’s Dumb Things! 




So so very apt for our son at the moment as the penny has yet to drop for him!

Community Manager

Re: Wellbeing Wednesday 16th Jan

@Faob_1 Love it!! 

Never too late to contribute -keep the good songs coming!