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Re: Yoga - Active Topic!

@Piccola This is the thread I mentioned. Please feel free to share your yoga experiences with us here!

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Re: Yoga - Active Topic!

Hey @Red21, how have you been? I'd really love to keep this thread active as yoga is such a good way to relax and de-stress.


It'd be great if you could post some yoga tips for beginners!


And are there stretches we should do before starting? 

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Re: Yoga - Active Topic!

Yoga has taught me to breathe. I was so uptight and my body was in so much emotional pain from various of stresses and accidents ( a kick by a horse in my coccyx) that left me too scared to do anything as i was such a klutz at times! I am the one who ends up getting into strife! Last year i ended up with tennis elbow which has now also completely healed through physio and acupuncture. I also ended ip breaking my right foot chasing after geese and rolled my foot on a rock. I missed bootcamp for 9 weeks and was becoming restless. I need exercise in my life as i suffer from graves disease and try to keep healthy as possible. So i was introuduced to yoga and felt amazing after my first session! It was perfect throughout my recovery!! I was amazed at how alive i felt and omg! I can actually breathe again! That pain in my chest from holdinv my breath too much now gone! Yoga really does relax you and correct you. Its sad my class is only for adults as our teacher isnt licensed yet for children as i believe my children would love yoga. My daughter will join me in meditation at home some sundays and some yoga stretches. Our group is only small but we apprevlciate it so much in our small country town! Id love to see yoga in schools though as i believe it would really benefit tje students through their own problems asnd help them find a balance. It would be perfect around exam time! Couldnt recommend yoga enough really! Mefitation part of yoga is extremely important. Everyone shpuld spare 10 mins a week just to meditate. Healthy mind. Healthy soul.
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Re: Yoga - Active Topic!

Thanks so much for sharing @Shikadesfarm! It sounds like yoga has helped you both mentally and physically which is so good to hear. 


I'm with you, I'd love to see yoga introduced to schools as well. Wouldn't that be great! 


Re: Yoga - Active Topic!

Awesome! It provides leadership on global health matters, shapes the health research agenda, articulates evidence-based policy options, and monitors and assesses health trends

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Re: Yoga - Active Topic!

Hey @manish thank you for posting, just a quick FYI, I've edited out the link you posted Heart


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