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15 year old daughter run away


15 year old daughter run away

Our 15 year old daughter has run away three times in the last month and always heads to a member of her sports teams home who she has only known for about eight months. We have a stable, loving home with lots of family time and open conversation. This extreme change in her behaviour only started about four weeks ago and has progressively got worse. Initially she would run but then be ok to be picked up after a couple of days, the next time she ran a family friend turned up after three days and she went with her and stayed at her home. Thinking we had made progress my daughter had made a plan with our family friend and had agreed to return to school with her then I would pick her up at the end of the day to come home. This didn't happen as she ran from school and hasn't returned now after five days. We have attempted so many ways to get her to explain what is going on without any luck apart from her saying she feels more comfortable there. We had been in contact with the mother of where she is staying but now we have had no responses from her. Our daughter suffers from anxiety and depression and was under care of our gp, a psych and a paediatrician and is on medication for this and had been really stable and making great progress until this recent change in her behaviour. Police and Child Protection are involved as she ran from school but all we keep being told is that there is nothing we can do apart from wait for her to return home. We are beside ourselves with worry and keep being told there is nothing we can do, we are desperate for advice...

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Re: 15 year old daughter run away

Hi @mumoftwogirls

Thank you for sharing what is happening in your family. It sounds like an incredibly stressful situation. I can't imagine how worried and scared you feel as a parent. From what you have mentioned, you are doing all you can to manage the situation. It is really great that you are able to be in contact with where she is staying, even if you have mixed responses at times. It is also positive that your daughter has several supports. Does she still keep in contact with these supports when she is staying elsewhere? Have they been able to provide any advice to you as parents?

I also wanted to say that you are doing such a great job as parents by reaching out and being engaged with several services. This must take a massive toll on you, considering the worry and stress that you are under. Do you have your own support to manage these difficulties? How do you find ways to relax in these circumstances?
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Re: 15 year old daughter run away

Hi just wondering if this has been resolved for you? is your daughter back home? My 15 year old son has just ran away, its been a week today and I am lost. He is communicating but wont tell us where he is. 

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