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My 20 yr old son has tried to take his life twice this wk

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My 20 yr old son has tried to take his life twice this wk


My 20 yr old son has tried to take his life twice this wk

My son has had mental health issues for awhile he constantly self medicates with street xanax which send him violent an blackouts this resulted in him moving out he’s overdosed as a teen on fentanyl now this wk 2 overdoses with any prescription drugs an alcohol Iv phoned everyone I can think of he’s got apt tomorrow with drug worker and probation plus mental health nurse next wk now he’s slept it off an eaten he’s back to “I’m fine nothing wrong with me just a mistake “ an won’t engage in all Iv set up I just don’t know what to do any help would be really appreciated thank you
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Re: My 20 yr old son has tried to take his life twice this wk

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Hi @Kir5ty 


I am so sorry to read about what you and your son are going through. I can imagine how devastating it is to witness your son suffer this way. 

Despite how challenging this situation is, it sounds like you're doing everything a parent could to ensure your son is supported. It's a relief to hear he has a support team around him. 

It must be crushing to hear him say nothing is wrong. How are you coping emotionally? In times like this, it's so important for you also to have a strong support network to lean on. I wonder if there are support services for families that the mental health nurse or drug worker could recommend to you? 

We have an article here about teenagers and addiction, which might be worth looking at in the meantime. The services recommended are based in Australia. However, I found Turning Point; they support people struggling with drugs and alcohol. 

I thought I'd also share the number for Samaritans . You can reach them on 116 123 for support if you need someone to chat with. We are also here to listen to you and help as you navigate this challenging time! 

Take care, and hope to hear from you again. 

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