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Teen engaging in criminal activities

Teen engaging in criminal activities

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Re: Teen engaging in criminal activities

Unfortunately, after a couple of good weeks over Christmas my son has breached his bail conditions twice in the last two weeks and is currently MIA again. I expect this time when he is brought before the judge, they are not going to be so lenient and forgiving and he’ll find himself in youth detention until his current charges are brought before the court.

I’m looking for some resources I can use to help me have the conversation with my 7yo about what is going on with her brother- particularly if he is going to be in youth detention for an extended period of time. Hoping to minimise the impact on her moving forward.

Does anyone have any good websites or resources they could recommend to help?
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Re: Teen engaging in criminal activities

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Hi @TiredMumof4 , I'm very sorry to hear about your son - it sounds incredibly stressful not knowing where he is and anticipating the legal consequences of his actions. I hope that you are looking after yourself during this time of uncertainty. 


As for resources, Shine for Kids put together this guide for supporting children with a parent or loved one in prison, which might help you to support your daughter. Towards the back, there is a list of support services for families who have been touched by the criminal justice system for each state as well. It can be so difficult to explain such adult concepts like bail and detention to kids - does your 7-year-old ask many questions about what is going on with her brother?


Thinking of you in this difficult time @TiredMumof4 Heart



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