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Teenage daughter in abusive relationship

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Teenage daughter in abusive relationship

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Teenage daughter in abusive relationship

My 19 year old daughter lives with me and has BPD. Along with the usual hurdles this disorder brings she is in an abusive relationship and feels she cannot get out of it. People tell her just to leave him but I understand that it’s easier said than done. She feels the only way out is to end her life.
Any advice on how to help her in this situation would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Teenage daughter in abusive relationship

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Hi @Mbfwt and welcome back to the online community. I'm very sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling through an abusive relationship at the moment. I can imagine that that would be very hard to watch as a parent, but it sounds as though you're being very compassionate and empathetic towards her situation, which I'm sure would go a long way in making her feel supported. You mentioned that your daughter thinks that the only way out of her situation is to end her life. Are you feeling concerned for her safety at the moment?  


I've noticed that you're from Australia, so if your daughter feels as though she would like to talk to someone about her relationship and get some additional support, she may find it useful to call 1800 RESPECT, which is a counselling line for issues such as intimate partner violence. Otherwise, WESNET is the national peak body for domestic violence if she'd like to check that out as well. Aside from offering her resources, creating a safe space at home for her to talk about her what she is experiencing is a great help, which is sounds like you are already doing. 


How are you coping with everything that is going on for your daughter right now? Do you have anyone to support you while you're supporting her?