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Unexpected fifth pregnancy

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Unexpected fifth pregnancy

Hi everyone,
I'm so shocked, I just found out I'm pregnant with my fifth child that was completely unplanned. We just had our fourth 4 months ago and I'm guessing I'm around 10 weeks. We have had sex one time and I guess that's all it took. I'm not ready for this for many reasons....our finances are not the best and my partner and I have not been on great terms. He can be incredibly irresponsible and selfish at times which causes me alot of stress and anxiety. I don't know if I can terminate but I also don't think I can come with a fifth....anyone else gone through this or has any advise?
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Re: Unexpected fifth pregnancy

Dear @Mazza10 


Wow! I can understand why you're in shock. That's a lot to be dealing with. It sounds like there are several things that are deterring you from having another baby right now, but you're also hesitant about terminating.


I've personally never been through this but I imagine it would be a difficult decision. Have you considered writing a pros and cons list? They sound incredibly simple but can be really helpful when making big decisions such as these.


It might be worth speaking to a doctor and talking about what is involved in terminating the pregnancy, when you would need to do things by, etc. There's no harm in having the conversation, and it may actually help you with your decision. 


It might also be helpful to talk with a trusted, unbiased friend or family about what you're going through. Sometimes talking aloud about things can make our preferred choice clearer.


It's unfortunate that you view your partner as irresponsible and selfish, that you are not on great terms, and that this is causing your stress and anxiety. That definitely makes this whole process more difficult.

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Re: Unexpected fifth pregnancy

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