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Safer Internet Day 2022: Play it Fair Online

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Safer Internet Day 2022: Play it Fair Online

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Safer Internet Day 2022: Play it Fair Online

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Today is Safer Internet Day- it's a global campaign dedicated to creating a safer online world for everyone, aimed at making the internet a safer, more positive place. 


Safer Internet Day 2022 | eSafety Commissioner


In Australia, the eSafety Commissioner is the official coordinator of Safer Internet Day- they have some great resources for parents who are concerned about their young people's safety online.


These include free webinars for parents and carers , 


and a heap of other resources for parents on different aspects of online safety.


The eSafety Commissioner reporting function is also a great resource to use if you or your young person have experienced online abuse or illegal content- in some cases, they will be able to have harmful content removed. 


Best Social Media GIFs | Gfycat


Many parents of young people tell us that it can be really challenging to support their young people around online behaviour- social media and the internet is a central part of a lot of young people's lives and can have a lot of positive aspects, but it's definitely not without its downsides. 


ReachOut parents also has a range of resources to help parents and carers who are worried about their young people's safety and wellbeing online: 


How to deal with online bullying and your teenager


A parent's guide to Instagram 


How to talk to your teenager about sexting 


Stay up to date with social media 


Social media and teenagers 


We'd love to hear from you- how do you feel about your young person's internet use? What kind of boundaries do you