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Top tip Tuesdays: Back to school

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Top tip Tuesdays: Back to school

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Depending on where you live and what school you're at, the new school year is either fast approaching, or already commenced!


Going back to school can be an exciting time for young people- seeing friends, and looking forward to new opportunities. However for many young people it's just the opposite - the new school year can feel like a time of dread and anxiety. 



There is a heap of information over here on how to navigate the school system. 


A few tips from us: 

  • Take time to prepare for the term with your young person - do they need new books or stationary, or uniform? 
  • Ask  your young person how they are feeling about going back to school - open up conversation 
  • If your young person worries about going back to school, look into other out of school activities that they can pick up this year to link in with new friends and hobbies. Youth groups, sport groups, dance lessons - are all good places to make new friends outside of school 


We are keen to hear from you on your top tips on how to get through the transition from holiday to school term. 

Are you looking forward to it? 

Are you worried that your young person may be unhappy at school?

Do you have a situation you'd like to share to get support on? 


We'd love to hear from you. Smiley Happy





Parent/Carer Community Champion

Re: Top tip Tuesdays: Back to school

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We also have this great content on the website about Tips on how to start at a new school. ! Check it out 



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