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Updated Community Guidelines

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Hello Parents Community members! 


Just a quick note to say we have just completed an update of our Community Guidelines, you can check out the new version here


Thanks to all of you who provided feedback earlier in the year, and the guidelines have also drawn on the input from past members of the community . We hope that these guidelines will help keep the community a safe, supportive and helpful space. 


Just tagging some of our recent active members here: @Birdwings  @sidneysdad  @Coops  @Gebadia  @gaityland  @upsetmum  @Holola @GreenB @AmberP @Beebaloolah @serenity2b @Mamma3 @Yoonmama @MumOfThreeTeens  @Nitro  @SophStressed  @AvenueTribe @Sil77 @ChloeBeau @Teensthesedays