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Weekly Wrap Up!

Weekly Wrap Up!

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Re: Weekly Wrap Up!

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Hey there Parent community! 


To wrap the week up we'll be sharing some highlights that we've noticed throughout the week. It is so heart-warming for us to see you all come together to support each other. There is something so special about being understood by sharing lived experience with others Heart 


Today I wanted to give a big shout out to @JAKGR8 for providing comfort and options to a new member here 


And a big thanks to @sunflowermom for providing hope to a member here in need of reassurance. 


We are blown away by all of you! Smiley Happy 

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Re: Weekly Wrap Up!

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As the name suggests we are all about reaching out to other parents/support networks when things get tough.


This week we've seen a lot of brave parents who have come here to unpack some really challenging situations. We'd like to recognise that it's not always easy to do this on an online space but we're so happy that you made it to our forums and we hope this can be a place where you find the support you need. 


So a couple of shout outs this week are going to... 


@Maggiecoco  who has been getting some support here. If you have any words of support for them that would be amazing Smiley Happy 


@Zayray opened up about a really tough situation here 


We just wanted to say that we're grateful that you have shared these tough times with us and hope to continue supporting you through these tough times Heart 


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Re: Weekly Wrap Up!

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It has been so heart-warming to see Parents coming together to support each other through tough times and tricky situations. Thank you for reaching out to this community and big thank you to those who have been giving incredible support across the forums. 


I wanted to give @sidneysdad a huge shout out! You have been so supportive to a number of parents, on a number of different topics. Congrats on being part of what makes this community special and becoming a Parent Champ! 


As always @compassion - as the username suggests you put so much thought and care into your responses to parents and it's clear how helpful that is. Thank you for your dedication and time, we appreciate it so much. 


@Welloffspring thank you so much for making your first post here! Putting together a really practical response about HSC stress - It was well written and very informative. I'm sure lots of parents will be able to take something from what you've shared. 


That's a wrap for this week! A big thanks to everyone who is part of this community Heart 

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