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14yo boy and kindness and courtesy at home

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14yo boy and kindness and courtesy at home


14yo boy and kindness and courtesy at home

Father has passed away 2 years ago. Boy is just so self absorbed and does not have easy normal social skills but instead has awkward abrupt out of the ordinary social communication! And ... will not be told how to behave at home w myself, his mother. So hard to communicate any important/critical issues regarding my capacity to cope with his vitriole!
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Re: 14yo boy and kindness and courtesy at home

Hello @davina15 ,


Thank you for sharing your experience. I am reading that you're finding it hard to navigate the 14-year-old's communication, social skills and behaviour. I hope it's okay for me to ask a few clarifying questions?

The way I'm reading and understanding your post, is that you're his mother. Is that correct? 

When you write about him being self-absorbed, what does that look like for you? And what do you find you observe when you mention they have awkward abrupt and out of the ordinary social communication?

You also write about it's had to communicate issues regarding how you're coping. What has been your experience in trying to talk to him about these? In the same capacity, how are you and him coping throughout all this? Have they mentioned anything concerning to you about what's going on for them?

When have you started noticing this behaviour? Has it been ongoing or something that's only recently started to occur? Has there been any changes since the father passed away?

I know I've asked a lot of questions, but it's only so we can gain some more clarity about what's happening.  We'd really like to find a way to support you in navigating this situation.

Hoping to hear from you.