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Child's non-existent dad


Child's non-existent dad

My child's dad is almost non-existent in her life. She is almost 7 years old and he has maybe seen her her possibly 30 days of those last years. I pay for everything, make all decisions, provide everything for my daughter and always have. He moves around a lot and currently lives out of state, the only thing he does is pay child support and request for her on family function days like her siblings birthdates or holidays. I currently have physical custody of her but share joint legal, I have recently attempted to talk to my ex about giving me sole custody and he have visitation rights. He declined because he said it would look bad if he didn't have custody. He only wants the title but does not intended on stepping up for my daughter. 


Am I wrong for asking or pursuing sole custody? 

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Hey @ColoradoMoM 

This is a really hard situation you're in at the moment, it must be really frustrating and upsetting to be going through all of this with your daughters dad. 

It is completely up to you if you would like to pursue sole custody, I can imagine this is a really tough decision with a lot to think about. Is there anyone in your life you've been able to chat through this decision with? It could be helpful to speak to someone you trust about how you're feeling who could support you through the process if you decide to pursue sole custody.

It could also be helpful to get some legal advice, here is a link to a legal service near you who might be able to offer some insight and support around what this process would look like. Is this something you think might help you with this decision?

I hope some of our other community members are able to offer some support and insight around this as well @ColoradoMoM, all the best Heart 

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