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Custody help and advice

I have a 4 year old with my now ex we have been separated for almost 2 years. She is starting kindy next year and i need help knowing and deciding that what i want to do is the right thing. She currently goes to him every 2nd weekend and some nights during the week but when she starts school i want to change it to only be every 2nd weekend just so she has more of a routine and isn't going back and forth each day. As i know myself how stressful it can be. We dont have a court agreement its just been a mutual agreement so far.

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Hello @Ash94 , it sounds like you are in a tough situation at the moment. I can understand how this can be stressful for you to go through. I just wanted to jump in and offer some support whilst waiting for support from some other parents. Have you had a chance to get some support from anyone around this yet? I am not sure whether you have heard of the support service "Parents Beyond Breakup", but you might find them to be helpful. They are a service that supports parents experiencing trauma related to breakdown and separation. They offer various support groups and are linked with Mums In Distress, which offers confidential and professional support to parents through their helpline. They also offer group-based peer support and have online resources available. Their number is 1300 853 437 and here is a link to their website if you are interested. Hope you find them to be helpful!