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Gaming, Sleep and Food

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Gaming, Sleep and Food

I am mum to Child 16 1/2. My husband suicided over 2 years ago. My own mental health has not been good. My son is not attending school at the moment. Sleeping when he should be awake and vice versa. He has a very unhealthy diet with OCD food issues. He is very fussy. He suffers with constant diahorrea. His stress levels are high and has been diagnosed with anxiety. He was medicated for ADHD until he was 12. He spends a lot of time gaming. I am just overwhelmed at what to do. I am trying to work and this is very stressful. Starting with blood tests and getting him to head space to a dietician and counsellor. I need to make changes to our lives but don't know where to begin. My support system is not great either and I feel very alone. If anyone could offer some advice I would be grateful.


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Hi @nedcon0513, I'm sorry you've had to go through all of these awful things, it is completely understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed with so much going on. 

It sounds like you're engaging with some services for your son, has this started? How is it going? That seems like a good starting point, I hope you both find seeing a dietitian and counsellor helpful.

I'm wondering if there is a GP you and your son see regularly as well? Sometimes parents find having a GP that they like and have a good relationship with can be a great first point of call when there is a variety of issues happening.

You said that your support system isn't great at the moment, I'm really sorry to hear this and that you're feeling alone. You and your son both deserve to feel supported. The service Parentline is a phone counselling service for parents to talk about what they're going through, is that something that might be helpful for you? 


I hope you're able to find some support here on the forum, you don't have to be alone in this, we're here to listen and support you Heart